Mad max fury road


See photos of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio before they hit the big-time, and revisit their earliest onscreen roles. See the full gallery. Title: Mad Max: Fury Road An apocalyptic story set in the furthest reaches of our planet, in a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, and almost everyone is crazed fighting for the necessities of life.

Within this world exist two rebels on the run who just might be able to restore order. There's Max, a man of action and a man of few words, who seeks peace of mind following the loss of his wife and child in the aftermath of the chaos. And Furiosa, a woman of action and a woman who believes her path to survival may be achieved if she can make it across the desert back to her childhood homeland. Written by Production. This movie is an amazing addition of the Mad Max stories, it is definitely a great chase movie, it has all the action and enjoyment to keep the viewer entertained, with the acting and visuals to show the real madness of the wasteland that the movie is set in.

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mad max fury road

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mad max fury road

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Alison Willmore. Mad Max: Fury Road delivers. There's no clearer or more succinct way to put it.

James Berardinelli. George Miller's action fantasy is astonishingly dense for a big-budget spectacle, not only in its imagery and ideas but in the complex interplay between them. Ben Sachs.

mad max fury road

Fury Road is a defiantly individual riposte to those committee-led blockbusters which are built on CGI and designed to sell toys. Nicholas Barber. Believe all the hype: This movie will melt your face off. Christy Lemire.

I saw it twice and liked it vastly more the second time around, when I'd adjusted my expectations and had my bearings from the get-go. Then it became about digging the spectacle - not to mention the hilarious sexual politics. David Edelstein.Me, or everyone else? Immortan Joe is a barely-alive freak of nature, kept breathing by tubes connected to his face and served by similarly disfigured half-humans with definitive names like Rictus Erectus Nathan Jones and The People Eater John Howard.

As a reflection of more desperate times, Miller has updated the needs of his future world from commodities like oil to pure survival. Nux is a brainwashed goon, a man-creature who believes that he will die and be reborn after sacrificing himself for a trip to Valhalla. Max eventually steps into the role of the action hero, but, in one of his most daring moves, Miller gives the weight of the narrative to Furiosa, a woman who holds on to the only thing that could possibly give her hope in this violent world—the next generation.

She does more with a searing stare or clenched jaw than most actresses could with a page of dialogue. Furiosa looks at the insanity of the male leadership around her and decides enough is enough. But none of that should remotely imply that the action here is lost in the message. This is a movie where you keep thinking that its reached its apex and then, inexplicably, that moment is left behind in the dust.

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From the very beginning, Miller and his team do something that so many other filmmakers fail to do—they define the geography of their action. And then they blow it all up.

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Miller knows when to let the pace coast when it needs to, which is rarely, and then he pushes the pedal down and plasters you to your seat. Brian Tallerico is the Editor of RogerEbert. Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky. Charlize Theron as Furiosa. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Splendid.

Nicholas Hoult as Nux. Riley Keough as Capable. Nathan Jones as Rictus Erectus. Reviews Mad Max: Fury Road. Brian Tallerico May 15, From director George Miller comes the fourth adventure in the Mad Max film series. In a post-apocalyptic world, Max Hardy teams up with a mysterious woman, Furiousa Theronto try and survive.

Haunted by his turbulent past, Mad Max Tom Hardy believes the best way to survive is to wander alone. Nevertheless, he becomes swept up with a group fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by an elite Imperator, Furiosa Charlize Theron. They are escaping a Citadel tyrannized by the Immortan Joe Hugh Keays-Byrnefrom whom something irreplaceable has been taken.

Enraged, the Warlord marshals all his gangs and pursues the rebels ruthlessly in the high-octane Road War that follows.

Mad Max: Fury Road

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Mobile device. Xbox Cast and crew. George Miller Director, Writer. Tom Hardy Max Rockatansky.

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Charlize Theron Furiosa. Nicholas Hoult Nux. Hugh Keays-Byrne Immortan Joe. Nathan Jones Rictus Erectus. Riley Keough Capable. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Splendid. Abbey Lee The Dag.

Mad Max Fury Road - Ending Scene

Courtney Eaton Fragile. Josh Helman Slit. Brendan McCarthy Writer. Nico Lathouris Writer. Additional information Directors George Miller. Directors George Miller. Studio Warner Bros. Subtitles English CC. Released year Age rating Restricted. Duration 2 h.

mad max fury road

Size 6.Director George Miller initially described the film: "Mad Max is caught up with a group of people fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by the Imperator Furiosa. This movie is an account of the road war which follows.

It is based on the Word Burgers of the History Men and eyewitness accounts of those who survived. Designated as a universal blood donor, Max is imprisoned and used as a living blood bag for a sickly War Boy called Nux Nicholas Hoult. Nux also joins the army with his 'lancer' wingman Slitas well as Max strapped to the hood of his car, to continue supplying blood. Meanwhile, a battle ensues between the War Rig and wasteland rivals of The Citadelcalled the Buzzards led by one of their own mini War Rigs, after Furiosa enters their territory.

However, the Imperator and her still oblivious War Boy escort are able to successfully repel them. Furiosa then drives into an approaching sand storm to evade her pursuers, but as a result is discovered as a traitor by her subordinates and turn on her. Nux, driven by Joe's indoctrinated belief that dying in battle will take him to Valhalla, attempts to destroy the Rig by making his car explode upon impact on the massive truck. Max escapes and restrains Nux, but the car is destroyed by the Rig.

Waking up after the storm, Max sees Furiosa nearby repairing her Rig, accompanied by the Wives who are cleaning themselves with water and removing fanged metal chastity belts from their bodies. Max engages in a fight with the women and steals the Rig, but its kill-switch disables the truck.

Max reluctantly agrees to let Furiosa and the Wives accompany him. On their way to the canyon, the Rig suddenly has a problem which turns out to be the fuel pods hydraulic brake connector being disconnected by Nux which caused the trailers wheels to lock and get dragged by the Rig, They are suddenly surprise attacked by Nux who was easily outwitted and throw out of the Rig by Max. Nux returns to Joe with a dress fragment from one of the wives. Furiosa drives through Rock Riders territory into a narrow canyon, having previously agreed to exchange gasoline for safe passage which the trailer is said to contain around gallons of fuel.

However, Joe's forces are close behind, and Furiosa flees while the Bikers detonate the canyon walls to block Joe's path. Max and Furiosa fend off the pursuing Bikers, but Joe's vehicle evades the blockade and assaults the Rig. Nux boards the Rig while Joe attempts to shoot Furiosa. Angharad — Joe's heavily pregnant wife — shields Furiosa, but falls from the Rig and is run over by Joe's vehicle, the Gigahorse killing her and leaving the remaining Wives devastated by her death.

Despite attempts to save Angharad's baby by Joe's chief doctor The Organic Mechanicthe child is already dead after being removed from his mothers womb.Mad Max: Fury Road is a Australian post-apocalyptic action film co-written, co-produced, and directed by George Miller.

The fourth installment and a " revisiting " [6] of the Mad Max filmsit was produced by Kennedy Miller Mitchell and distributed by Warner Bros. The film is set in a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland where petrol and water are scarce commodities.

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Fury Road was in development hell for many years, with pre-production starting as early as Attempts to shoot the film in and were delayed due to the September 11 attacks and the Iraq War.

Inafter focusing on the animated comedy Happy FeetMiller decided to pursue it again. He briefly considered producing Fury Road as a computer-animated film but abandoned it in favour of live-action.

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InMiller announced that filming would begin in early Hardy was cast as Max in Junewith production planned to begin that November. Principal photography was delayed several more times before beginning in July The film wrapped in Decemberalthough additional footage was shot in November Considered one of the greatest action films of all time and one of the best of the s, Fury Road won multiple directing and technical achievements, and received ten Academy Award nominations at the 88th Academy Awardsincluding Best Picture and Best Directorand won the most awards of the ceremony with six awards for Costume DesignProduction DesignMakeup and HairstylingFilm EditingSound Editing and Sound Mixing.

Efforts to produce sequels have been delayed as a result of an ongoing pay dispute between Warner Bros. The world has become a desert wasteland and civilisation has collapsed as a result of wars and dwindling resources.

Max Rockatanskya survivor haunted by visions of deceased people, is captured by the War Boys, the army of the tyrannical Immortan Joe, and taken to Joe's Citadel. Max is imprisoned and used as a "blood bag" for a sick War Boy called Nux. Meanwhile, Imperator Furiosaone of Joe's lieutenants, is sent in her armoured "War Rig" to collect gasoline and ammunition. When she diverts course, Joe realises that his five wives—women selected for breeding—are missing, and are fleeing with her.

Nux joins the pursuit with Max strapped to his car, and a battle ensues between the War Rig and Joe's forces. Furiosa drives into a sand stormevading her pursuers, except Nux, who attempts to sacrifice himself to destroy the Rig. Max escapes and restrains Nux, but the car is destroyed. Max steals the Rig, but reluctantly agrees to let Furiosa and the wives accompany him after Furiosa shows she is the only one who knows the correct combination to bypass the Rig's kill switches.

Nux climbs on the Rig as it leaves and attempts to kill Furiosa, but is overcome and thrown out, being picked up by Joe's army. Furiosa drives through a biker gang -controlled canyonhaving bartered a deal for safe passage.

The gang turns on her upon seeing Joe's army arriving, forcing her and the group to flee, while the bikers detonate the canyon walls to block Joe.

Max and Furiosa fight off the pursuing bikers as Joe's car breaks through the blockade. Joe catches up with the War Rig, allowing Nux to board with the intent of attacking Furiosa again; he fails, to the disappointment of Joe. As the Rig escapes, Angharad falls off trying to help Max and is fatally run over by Joe's car.

Furiosa explains to Max that they are escaping to the "Green Place", an idyllic land she remembers from her childhood. Capable finds Nux hiding in the Rig, and consoles him as he laments his failure.

That night, the Rig gets stuck in mud. Max leaves to confront the Bullet Farmer and his men, returning with guns and ammunition and covered in blood. They drive the War Rig overnight through swampland and desert, coming across a naked woman the next day. Max suspects a trap, though Furiosa approaches the woman and states her history and clan affiliation.

The woman summons her clan, the Vuvalini, who recognise Furiosa as one of their own who was kidnapped as a child.

Furiosa is devastated to learn that the swampland they passed was indeed the Green Place, now uninhabitable. The group then plans to ride across immense salt flats in the hope of finding a new home. Max chooses to stay behind, but after seeing visions of the child he failed to save, he convinces them to return to the undefended Citadel, which has ample water and greenery, and to trap Joe and his army in the bikers' canyon.

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